08 aug

Is multitasken slecht voor je? Interessant onderzoek met bijzondere resultaten!

Interessant artikel over de pro’s en contra’s in FastCompany over multitasken

Maybe you answer email while listening to a conference call or toggle back and forth between posting on social media and working on a report. In one way or another, most of us multitask.

But the jury seems to be out on whether multitasking has productivity benefits or if it just causes us to lose focus and diminishes work quality. A 2012 study published in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review found that people who frequently consumed multiple types of media—searching online, listening to music, posting on social media, watching videos, etc.—were better able than light multitaskers at completing a computer-based search challenge that included sound.



Multitasking has a purpose—but it’s not as effective as we think and makes us more prone to mistakes. Doing rote sorting or organizing work while having a conversation with a coworker? Fine. But try answering an email while trying to explain an important meeting outcome to your boss, and both tasks will take you longer, have a greater likelihood of errors, and be more taxing than if you focused and did one thing.

“The brain is not wired to perform two tasks at once,” Chapman says. “Your brain is built to be a single-channel action system with limited capacity. It bottlenecks when trying to perform more than one mental task at a time, particularly those that require mental effort.”

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